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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesome trip to paradise!

Hi everyone! Finally I have time to blog again (well not really, but I feel that I should). Since last time I have celebrated San Juan and then spent a weekend in Tarifa with the Finns and the Spanish. Tonight I'm going to play the live-tournament again and tomorrow I have the feared Poker Exam to do!

Jump into fires and into the ocean!

Last week was the midsummer thing for the Spanish people. Their midsummer is called San Juan and is apparently about lighting huge fires at the beach and jumping through smaller ones and then go into the water (with the right leg first). Then you should also take some water from the ocean during midnight and throw it around in your home and all your problems will go away.

I was there with Quis, Quique, Soraia, her BF, two Portuguese dudes and then we met some others at the beach. We began the evening by going to the "real" tapas place which is also called Patagonica, where we ate some really really good tapas. Then we went to the beach bar called Changós and had Mojitos and some really cool dancing lessions (which is called: wave your hand like a retard and you dance).

Mojitos, the Beach and weird people!

This past weekend was really awesome. I went to Tarifa early saturday morning with Jussi, Piia and Julia. Only took one hour by bus, which was nice. First thing we did was to go book a hostel or hotel. Fortunately there was one room left at this nice bed and breakfast hotel for only €40 each.

After that we went to a restaurant (see picture above) in the old town. Piia and Julia payed €7 for ONE tomato and some cheese and a tiny bit of vinegar. I ate some manly Lasagna with tons of cheese and Jussi ate his daily burger.

After this we went looking for places to shop the next day and then we spent the rest of the day at the beach with the Spanish people who later joined up. Poor Siete feel asleep and had to rush home as he had plans with his amigos in the evening. We drank many really perfect Mojitos and some home-made Tinto de Verano as well as some beers. It was so nice I can hardly describe it with words.

In the evening we partied with Ville, another fin (!!!!!), and had some Sangria at his place after having pizza at some "turisty" crap place. In the end I got so tired that I just went back to the hotel, finding a lost little cockroach trying to find something to put his cock into (funny joke - as they reproduce a lot).

The next day we ate some breakfast, drank some Tinto de Verano and head off to shopping. We found some really nice shirts, a wonderful beach volleyball... ball(?) and Piia found some girly things.

Btw, Piia is the slowest bandana-dresser I've ever seen. If you want to enjoy a bandana being tied around your head for over 24 hours without real success, Piia is your girl! :P

We then finished the trip of with being on the beach drinking Sangria and relaxing. We tried playing some Beach Volleyball too but there were no aiming skills... at all.

Great trip, thanks guys for making it so much fun!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Live Poker and Beach Party!

A good but weird nights sleep after an Awesomazing day! Beach Party and a night out with the Finns, the Italian Guy and the Dutchman. I will try to list all the places where you can see pictures from this party in this blog post.

Oh, also I have played some live poker lately, and it has been both good and bad. Next tournament at the Casino on Tuesday! Join us!

Beach Volley Ball and pretty ladies!

We arrived around 13:15 yesterday at the eastern beach (the Latino Beach or whatever it's called). Even though it was very windy, the weather was quite okay and beach volley ball WAS playable but not at a serious level. We had lots of fun and I think I played for many hours.

So many pretty girls was there too :) That's why we boys love beach parties so much. And of course the ladies got to enjoy the sight of my sexiness as well. You are welcome my ladies ;)

The food was okay, but I got full so fast, maybe because I ate too much snacks before the food came. We were planning to invade the jacuzzi but it was occupied so much and in the end there was like more sand than water in there anyways.

Alright, here is the pictures I've found so far:

Perkele, Luigi and Piemel!

After the beach party I was still in the party mood, so I joined up with the Finns just after finding a wandering Luigi in Ocean Village. We went to Celebrities of course and not long after Melvin joined up and tried to use anything as a chair, but eventually he got something proper to sit on ;)

Btw you can also ask Jussi about finding alternative places to sit, he had a fearsome fight with a plant :D

After a really good day I just decided to go home and rest up. Thanks guys for a great day!

I won, I lost and I busted Henrik!

Two weeks ago me and Henrik played the freeze-out bounty tournament, where I actually managed to bust both Henrik and another guy, giving me £10. Later I AGAIN managed to get busted by an AA when I re-raised his blind steal attempt from "the button" with my QJo.

Last week though, I played the £10 re-buy tournament and it went okay, I mean I played alright, just didn't get the cards I wanted. When I finally got a good hand on the Button position I of course went all in (with KQs) and got called by SB and BB. BB had crap (this guy was an idiot) and SB (Robert actually) had pocket 4, which unfortunately beat my hand as the board was as boring as David Letterman.

Two days ago, I played again with some friends, just a cash game. I managed to win 63,5 big blinds (sorry Kim!).

Next tournament is on tuesday, a £10 re-buy tournament at the casino. Join us! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The most amazing...

... fireworks I've ever seen! My brother Jan-Olof and his girlfriend Annelie came yesterday here to visit me. We were afraid the weather would be bad, but we managed to catch some good spots in-between the treacherous weather (find more pictures here!).

Fireworks above amazing!

Yesterday evening we went out on some kind of food festival, where they were celebrating... something. We ate some of the different kinds of food and then we sat down for a beer with Phil. Then suddenly, we saw this (which was just the beginning basically):

After this spectacular show we advanced into "Three Owls" for a game of pool/biljard with Phil. First time I kicked his as at the very end, but in the rematch I was the one suffering a cold defeat.

A trip up the Rock (again)

We decided to show the Rock and all it's different places to my brother and Annelie, so we visited among other places Europa Point, St. Michaels Cave, The Siege Tunnels, The Morish Castle and finally a place for brilliant Ice Cream and Milk Shakes.

2x(Rock Band + Dawn of War)

I recently bought both Rock Band 2 and Dawn of War 2. The first one I play a lot right now, with many of my friends as well as my brother actually (he actually liked it). Dawn of War 2 I have promised to play with Michael, but will also include Fredrik in the Multiplayer part at least ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Magnus "Kung" Kärnbo, my dear brother... rest in peace!

Although you were not my biological brother, for me you were just like one. You are just as real as my real brothers. You taught me all the pranks and was a big role model for me. I always wanted to be like you, 'cause you were so awesome.

I still can't quite believe it is true, but I guess I have to start getting it into my head. You were always there and now you are not. Rest in peace, you will always be remembered.

28 years of Carpe Diem

Is this just another dream? I hope so. But if there is someone that lived his life to a full, it was Magnus. Carpe Diem, catch the day! - that is exactly what he did and what more can you do if you want to live a good life, even if it may not be as long as everyone would have hoped.

When other people was just lying on the sofa, watching TV all day and just too lazy to do anything, you were traveling the world, partying and having fun or working with what you enjoyed the most - to use your hands and build/fix things.

I can't sleep... so many memories

Since I was a kid, you were always the one that was there. When my older brothers moved out, you moved in. I was around 7 when you came, and you were 13. I still remember the first time I saw you and I was thinking "What tough looking kid is this? Is he going to live with us now?! Will he be nice to me?".

In fact, you were very nice to me, even when it felt like you were not. You were always honest, and when I asked you, before going to the disco when I was around 10, "How do you think I look?" after making the most sissy-looking hair due ever. You answered "You look ugly", which was brutal but true. Had I listened to you I would not have been laughed at when coming to the disco. Sometimes a brutal answer is better than a white lie. This is one of the reasons you are so awesome. May there be more people like you.

I remember when you always ate my candy, cookies and ice cream. We used to call you the black hole, because you devoured everything with sugar. It even came to a point where my parents had to take you to the hospital to check your blood sugar level. You can have all my candy, and if I had more, I would gladly give it to you.

You have been more than just a brother for me, you have been a really good friend, even though you were much older and had friends of your own. Always when we went away with the family, you made sure I had fun and never let me be alone. "Come, let's go and try the red and really fast water slider!", "Let's race with go-carts", "Let's pull a prank on the old man!".

I loved how you tried to ruin my dates by storming in and say "is this the girl with the enormous feet you told me about?!". You never managed to scare them away but it was so funny.

These are just some of the memories I have from you.

Loved many, loved by many

You were so full of life and you made so many people happy. It was hard to be in a bad mood around you. You made people smile, sad people happy. You didn't always know what the best thing was to say, but you just said what you felt like and in some way it always managed to put a smile on peoples faces. It was hard to be angry at you, even if you were not always a saint.

You loved so many people, had so many friends and so many people loved you, and still do. You are still a role model for me, I have still things I learn from you. Who wouldn't want your self confidence and the bright glow of joy and optimism.

Even though you are gone from this world, I'm sure you will bring love and joy in the next one, which ever that is. I will never ever forget you and you are still my brother, even if were not conceived by the same parents.

Carpe Diem, wherever you are!

/Your brother

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