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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friday party great! + "The Gamer" movie sucks!

This post will be about the really fun party two days ago and about the movie "The Gamer" that I saw with Annika and Michael yesterday. I will also try to bombard you with some pics in this post, which I've all got from looting Anke's facebook album.

Friday welcome party
The party this friday was great. I had so much fun and everyone seemed to really be in a party mood. I tried the "painkiller" together with Simeon, Annika, Henrik and some others. Btw, Tom I think I owe you £5 for that one right?

Later we went to Salsa Fuego but changed our mind when we got there and went back to Savannas, where we danced all night. It was ok...

The Gamer - wtf?
Yesterday I went with Michael and Annika to watch this movie. It was about this new gaming world involving people playing actual people.

The first game that this "genious" guy, played by the Dexter dude, was called "Society" and was pretty cool, though scary. It was like "Second Life" or "Home", although people took total control of other people. We saw some actors really embarass themselves, some titties and then we saw the more bloody part... "Slayers".

The second game this guy made was called "Slayers" and was like "Gears of War" although it was only people and they where real humans, prisoners, that were used as avatars. It was really fucked up and pretty bloody.

All in all, the movie sucked and contained some embarrasing scenes. I do think you should watch it, just to be annoyed, but don't watch it at the cinema if you know what I mean.

Looting Anke's album a bit more...
Here you are! Some pics from Ankes old apartments balcony showing Ocean Village from a great perspective.

I want to live at the place with the pools and stuff below it. Who's with me?

Btw, the Casino building includes the Savannas, O'reilys and the Casino itself.

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