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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A bad yesterday and a good today(?)

I think yesterday was the worst day so far for me. I was really really stressed, my Team Leader resigned so it was very confusing for me and when I got home I was really depressed about the fact the my girlfriend haven't found a job yet.

Enough moaning! What will happen today?
Today we will get to meet one of our freelancers that are coming here for an interview. We are meeting him around 3pm.

Later I hope that my friend will have time to go with me on the Michael Jackson movie: This is it. It's on at 9pm and I would really like it if as many as possible would want to join.

If no one wants to come, I'll skip the movie for today and go to the gym with Dessi, my brotha'!

There's planes outside my window!!!
My brother would like the view outside my window. There's some nice military planes starting from the runway just to the right of this building and flying around doing some nice tricks and stuff. The bad thing is that it sounds like *"#!"% every time they fly by our building.

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