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Friday, November 6, 2009

The fart of an old man... + Tournament results

This post will be about the evening at the casino, which you REALLY need to read because it was unbelievable. WHAT ARE THE ODS?

The buffét - I'm so full...
This buffét is amazing. Mmm. Today Henrik was with us and he ate TWICE as much as me. Like four-five plates or something. This guy should be in the book of world records. I think we MIGHT go there again next week, anyone wanna join?

This was THE tournament!
Two big things happened at this tournament, please keep reading. First of all, it was a 60 player tournament with prizes for the best 10 players. The prize pool was £1080 or something. In the beginning I got the seat at the same table as Annika.

Unfortunately she lost in the beginning, BUT it resulted in her getting a job interview. After I said "Naaw better luck next time honey." in Swedish, this girl sitting next to her quickly asked what language that was. "Swedish" Annika answered. Then Annika was told they were actually looking for Swedish people at their company, and this day at 11am she had an interview. I still don't know how it went, but I will ask her later and edit this post with the result.

The NEXT thing is that one good friend of mine actually managed to win. It was the donkey Robert, that plays very strange poker, but always manages to win. No one can believe how it works, but this guy is a champ. Good going Robert!

By the way, he wasn't really going at first, we actually had to GIVE him a ticket and push him through the door (almost). Well, I guess it was fate.

Oh, I finished like 37 or something. Lost against an AA :(

Friendship of old men at the sidewalk
When we were walking home, we saw these two ooold men standing at the side of the street, the other once holding and carressing the other one. Very sweet in a way, like two buddies for life.

You could really tell, because they had no issues with letting go of the biggest farts I've heard in my life. None of them flinched. Omg, I could hardly keep myself from "rofl-ing". They just continued standing there peacefully, one caressing the other one.

Isn't that friendship then what is?


  1. I´m so full??? I´m so drunk is the name.....

  2. I love that Robert won the tournament!

    Hach...old people. This morning in the elevator in the Eurotowers building: I came back from making an appointment at the barber shop and an really old english lady (like 100 years old. I am not kidding) and her nurse were with me in the elevator.
    You know old people, they don't just give a **** and they say what springs their mind. The old lady looked at me and said: "My, my. There is an aweful lot of you." I smiled politely and said "Indeed, Mam." and she went on: "Enough to go throuh the ceiling OR the floor."
    The nurse was really embarrassed.

    Don't forget to pick me up at 8pm tonight!

  3. boxarbosse: Full is "mätt", it means you have eaten so much you can burst :P

    Michael: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! That's so funny!

    Yeah sure, see you at 8pm mate!


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