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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Insects, cats and iron men

The biggest grasshopper I have seen! It was when I took a walk some days ago in the middle of the night. It was huge and tried to intimidate me or something, but I don't get intimidated so easily, only by scary chicks.

Then on my way back home I came across this cat that was totally in love with me. It kept going after me with this bell he had around his neck. I heard him following me all the time. Then I stopped and petted it a bit, very cute cat. It kept going around me and being all cuddly. I think this cat just fell in love with me. It was hard to get a picture as it probably had ADD and couldn't stand still for one second. Well, I did my best with me photography skills:

Poker and drinks!
Yesterday I was out with Anke, Michelle, Annika and Henrik. First we played some poker at Ankes place (not Michelle though), where I won some nice pots. Got QQ, KK, AK and lots of nuts all the time, but Priya kept winning with this crazy hands.

Then we went to the Pussers Landing and had some drinks there. After that it was time to go to O'reillys and have some more, but I only drank water there. Also Johannes was there, being the usual ass ;) But I can stand him, he's not that bad even though he's a Double-0-Zero (lowest rang possible of a human being).

Cinema and maybe dinner tonight!
Today me, Michael, Annika, Andra and Nadia (and maybe someone more?) are going to the cinema watching the movie "The Intention of Lying" I think, but not 100%. After that I hope it will be some dinner or something more. I love hanging out with these weird bunch. I also love what they did to Marcus doll. So pretty! :)

Here's an Iron Man I found :)

Btw, don't forget to tell me or Henrik if you are coming to Dessis birthday dinner at Ipanemas on tuesday 8pm!

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