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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I met Mikael Starck! - Today's a good day!

This post will be about my freelancer coming here for an interview and about the great day I have ahead of me.

This day started really good. I had a good night sleep, the weather is beautiful and when I get to work everyone is in a great mood. Me and Anke has apparently had the exactly same mood every day the whole week. Isn't that just... strange? We thought about it just recently when we chatted on Skype.

Good luck Micke!
Yesterday one of my freelancers, Mikael Starck came to the office for an interview. I met him briefly, but today he came by our desks and had a little talk with us. He's a really nice guy and also knows how to dress for an interview. I wish you the best of luck Micke, although if you get the job here I might loose one of my best instructional video creators. Damn, I should have sabotauged his interview ;)

Buffét at Ipanema!
This evening we are celebrating my Swedish collegue Henriks birthday (a bit late, as his birthday was 2 saturdays ago). We have booked a table at Ipanema in Ocean Village, where they got one of the towns best bufféts and the restaurant itself is really nice to be in.

Tomorrow I might post some pictures from the night! And oh, btw. Tomorrow is the buffét #2 AND tournament day at the Casino for at least me, Annika, Henrik, Simeon and maybe Bopi!


  1. Joakim, it was great seeing you guys in action!!
    Hope to see you again soon!

  2. The same to you! Hope to see you soon as my office collegue


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