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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hah! I'm cheating the system!

Hi everyone! I have figured out a way to get normal cash sim cards to work in my cell phone (which has a Sim lock configured to a Swedish provider). I came up with this all my self and Michael didn't figure it out before me. ;)

How does it work?
Well, just buy a cash card from Gibtelecom and put it in your phone. Tada!

Me and Michael could be clones
So far Michael and I have figured out that we have too much stuff in common. It's too strange to list it all, but all in all. He could very well be my German, kind of tall, clone version of me. Although he is a little bit more mean than me, when it comes to trick people stuff :P And he likes fish and I don't. Otherwise, we could be clones.

AND NO! We should not get married, stop saying that!

Some attention to Andra

As Michael felt that he took too much attention on my blog, he kindly suggested that I should bring some light towards Andra instead. So here we go. As I'm generally a nice guy and don't want to offend anyone, I wont write too much, but at least she deserves a special corner in my blog =).

Andra is a master chef that makes the best salads in the world. She makes sure that Robert doesn't get a sugar overdose and can be quite funny sometimes. Ok, I wont write too much, but now Andra also got to be apart of my wonderful blog :P.

There we go! This post was sponsored by Michael M. Incorporated.

BTW! Nadia might be retarded as she reminded me that I actually didn't write anything about her being retarded, so her we go! BIRD! :)

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