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Friday, November 27, 2009

Joakim Thoor & Claes Norstedt

HAH! Did you guys really think I would blog about you? Forget it.

Last supper with Fredrik
Hehe yes Nadia I know now that it sounds kind of religious :P. Anyway, we were at the casino and ate the buffet there, which was really nice as usual.

It was me, Robbie, Elias, Nadia, Priya, Annika, Fredrik and Michael. I and Robbie were terrible to Elias, sorry about that mate ;), but I completely blame robbie, he kind of forced me.

Oh btw, guess who I'm impersonating:


  1. Epic topic!!


  2. Good luck Fredrik

    And Joakim, check your mail! :o

  3. are you impersonating Fredrik? :S

    Thanks guys for taking care and cheering for Fredrik. I wish that I could have been there too :)

  4. Kim-Kim: No, a french dude ;)

    No problem, I'm taking care of him like he was my son. ;) The son I never liked... just kidding.

  5. Tom: Edited my blog post in your favor ;)


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