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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wow! 100 posts! + Apartment issues...

Hi everyone! I know, I shouldn't be at the office this early a Saturday morning, but I had some stuff to finish off ;). Anyway, my last post was actually the 100th post of this blog, so let's celebrate or something!

Btw. I promised Nadia to write something nice about her as I called her retarded in my previous post. Here we go: Nadia is a very sweet girl and she is not retarded for real, just a little bit like a bird (this is not at all forced... really!). :P I so look forward to this evening when you, me, Annika, Andra and Michael are going to the movie & dinner night at Andras. :) Highlight of the week!

No electricity
Okay, yesterday when Annika got home everything was dark. She tried to pull the main electricity power switch - nothing happened. We talked to Kai and he is as stunned as us.

So you that rewired our electricity to create your own tesla coil in your room - we really want our power back so that we at least can take a shower (I used up all warm water that was left this morning I think... sorry Annika!).

No internet
It's getting worse! Gibtelecom is so annoying! First they gave us a list of what we needed to get the internet, then when we fixed everything they needed some OTHER STUFF as well. Once we fixed that, they apparently need one of our apartment bills for some reason. What will they want next, a pair of my used underpants or what?

We hope to get internet at home in the beginning of next week. And the shit isn't cheap either. Like £100 just to get it set-up and then a fixed fee every month. My god, I just want to slap them. I also heard that they have tricked some people into not getting their deposit back (£50). If they try that with me, I'm soooo going to sue them - honestly.

No Hyunil?
Yesterday Hyunil told me he's probably moving out. I'm very comfused, it seems like he thinks that he only can move out if I stay in the apartment longer than december. I wonder what he means.

Why does it matter how long I stay, if he can move out or not?

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