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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dr. Olympus - the enemy of MY state!

Okay, this post will be short, just as my three legged friend... err... enemy. His name is Dr. Olympus and he's a mosquito.

This little guy have harassed me for several nights and just when I thought I actually managed to defeat him, it turned out it was his good twin brother Frank (sorry mate). I heard him yesterday when he drank the blood of my girlfriend. But I was so tired after my birthday bowling that I went to sleep pretty fast.

Some day, you will be defeated, Dr. Olympus!

(and no I didn't draw the picture, I borrowed it from


  1. The pic is really creepy! And sorry to hear the lil' bastard is still in your room...

  2. Haha yes, but it really reflects Olympus really well. You should see him at night... he's terrifying :O

  3. And you have never heard of these magic plug-in devices which scare away the beasts??? *Disappointed*.

    Anyways, here's a good DIY idea:

    Have fun! :)

  4. Nadia: that just spoils the great hunt! ;)

  5. Maybe you think it's fun Tjockis, but it's not you he's after every night. You just happens to be lying next to his victim :P


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