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Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm popular! People are contacting me!

Are you interested in this offer?
Okay, apparently I'm hot stuff right now, as I have during the same day been contacted by two companies. One of them is interested in making an advertising deal with me, which I'm still considering, and the other one offered me a job, which I kindly declined.

I'm quite happy where I am. - sitting infront of a retarded bird called Nadia (which isn't as bad as she sounds) and working with the Food-O-Holic Henrik. See my precious workspace to the right:

No good tournament day - Stupid me!
Got some good winnings, but made the mistake to fold on a flop straight draw with AKo. I was so sure that the guy had hit trips of jacks or tens, as he had played so tight before. He went all in without a blink, and that was enough to get me fold, even after me betting 1/3 of my stack. STUPID ME! I know better than this!


  1. Se till att det "läcker" till chefen, så kanske han höjer lönen, om han nu är rädd att du skall byta jobb....

  2. ...eller ge jobbet till någon som behöver det.

  3. Farsan: Han följer redan min blogg ;)

    Ölf: Haha din giriga jävel! ;) Nejdå, men hittar jag något till en Ölf så ska jag fasen se till att Ölfen får jobbet!

  4. lol, that always happens when you're already committed ;)

    any info on that 'sponsor deal'. Sounds a bit vague, is it related to Pokerstrategy or is it completely a personal deal?

    Understand if it's confidential, but just curious :)

  5. I mean 'advertising' deal of course.

  6. Haha yeah ;)

    Well it's a deal to me in person and concerning my blog, which apparently has become quite popular. I'm still a bit chocked that so many people care about my stupid life :P haha ;)

    I have mailed him back, gonna see what he can offer me.


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