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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Casino night today + Here's some planes!

Hi everyone! I know you like pictures and videos, because people in general are very lazy and don't like plain text.

Casino Night!
Anyway, today is the Casino Night and I'm going out with Simeon, Henrik, Annika and Bopi to eat at the Casino buffé after work and then everyone of us except Bopo (right?) will play the beginners tournament for £5 at the casino.

Although sharks like Philippe and Mike will be there, so I will have to put something in their food (like my foot) to make them sick and not being able to play ;)

For my addicted family...
... here are the planes that keeps flying around Gibraltar and outside my office window every day this week:


  1. Nice! :)
    Hard to tell which type though, but I would guess Tornados or maybe Hawk trainers.

  2. "It wasn't that bad" riiight!
    We in the corner office are under siege by the constant noise of the construction site and the jets.

  3. Hahah ;)

    Btw at the casino I finished like 38th or something. I lost with K8 (tried to steal on small blind when everyone else had folded) and the big blind had pocket aces. Well, it's a respectful hand to loose against, so I'm fine. :)


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