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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Freakin' internet troubles + Tournament Night!

This morning I had problems with the internet and didn't manage to get it to work. They called from Gibtelecom to see how it went. I told them it didn't work and they wanted me to go buy a phone so that I can localize where the problem is. Annoying.

Update while writing the blog post: There was apparently something wrong with the hole in the wall thing (forgot what it's called just now) and a technician will come tomorrow at 11:00am and fix it for us. YAY!

Yesterday it was football evening!
We were all at the sports bar down in Ocean Village, watching Ireland against France. Of course I cheered for France as the others cheered for Ireland. I like to mess with the massive crowd of football freaks. In some way I'm almost ordering my own death on a pattern - with extra blood of course.

France won with a goal were they actually hit the ball into the right direction with their hand. That's lame I must admit, and I can't believe the goal wasn't disallowed. :O

Today it's tournament day!
Once again, tournament day. Today me and Henrik at least... maybe Anke as well! Simeon was going to kiss his old car goodbye and Nadia is going to go back to her nest and sleep. :P Bird. (btw, I'm impressed that Lutz actually figured out that bird means retarded in some way, he's clever that one).

Well, wish us luck! We will definetly need it (not like Robert, that just luck boxes his way to 1st place all the time).


  1. Good luck!

    Ireland so got screwed in that match, unbelievable. I really feel for them. :(

  2. Everyone does, and I must agree even though I was cheering for France. :P

    Btw, posted some info for you on the previous post ;) go check it out mate!

  3. OMG, de försöker lura er på pengar! lol, you guys are being screwed!


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