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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aah, the blog works again!

Yesterday when I had lots to blog about, I couldn't reach blogspot at all from the office. Anyway, it's back up and I will start by telling you that I will have this post to be about the weekend in general.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will then follow up with a HUGE post about the Bowling party and the Halloween party, which will contain lots of pictures.

By the way, look at the halloween fog in the picture to the right. Really freaky. It was fog all around gibraltar during the whole day.

HAH! Did you believe that? Just to be a prick, I will show you some photos and videos from yesterday when I and Annika was out in the town.

We took a trip to the mall and watched the animals trapped inside the glass displayers. Feel sorry for those poor creatures :(.

Btw, I have thought about getting more of the female audience into my blog, and here's a good trick I've come up with - Just watch this video (and NO it's not me or Annika that is scaring the puppies by hitting the glass):

By the way, if anyone know a good place to get my pants sown up please let me know. The pants I bought after having my hair cut two days ago have to long legs. :(

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