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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enjoying Chocolate - and I got the nuts!

Hi everyone! I've seen that the viewers of my blog has increased dramaticly since I moved to Gib. I'm very happy about that and hope that you will stay. Damn it, now I will have to start showing quality. ;)

My Annika had talked to a recruiter today and was really happy when I got home... and a bit tipsy for celebrating the conversation with wine? Wtf?!

Enjoying Chocolate - by Anke
Some weeks ago my friend Karin told me about some guy really enjoying his chocolate. Now I found my own chocolate enjoyer, Anke. Apparently she had been longing for a piece all day and when I offered her one... well lets say you can really say she enjoyed it. I think the word she described it with was "Paradise". :)

Played some online poker today...
... and I got the nuts! (which are really good btw)

Dr. Olympus, are you dead now?
I think I might have actually managed to kill him. Yesterday right after writing the blog post, I saw what looked like him flying around in the bedroom. Well long story short, there was a battle and I won... I think. This guy is sneaky, it was almost to easy. Something isn't right here.

Btw, we are moving into Kai and Hyun's place!
hmm. That's all I guess.


  1. I loved the chocolate! You made my day! C u tomorrow at office ;)

  2. Glad to here that :) There's still some left you know ;)

    See you tomorrow :)

  3. I love to see some pictures and specifications of your new place :)

  4. As soon as I move in I'll blog about it, with pictures ;)


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