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Friday, November 20, 2009

Anke finished 15th! + My muscles are messed up!

Ah the tournament yesterday was fun, although I didn't get any better hand than QJs, which doubled me up. The next best hand was my all-in hand which I lost, at 41th place, A6s. What to do when the big stack ONCE AGAIN is to my left.

Btw, Anke finished 15 out of 59 total entries in the tournament. Good job!

Still no internet
The internet still doesn't work and they said yesterday that they would send a technician to us today, but no one came. Today when Annika rung them they said "buy a phone and see if it works" or something similar. Can't they just bring a phone with the technician, they are Gibtelecom are they not?

My muscles are in pain
I worked out the day before yesterday with Nadia and Dessi at the gym down in Ocean Village. Really nice gym and good work out, but today I really feel it in my body, especially my stomach. It's good I suppose, but damn I can barely get up from the chair sometimes. Nadia keeps telling me I'm just a sissy, but I know that I'm a man, so I ignore her :P

Breaking records in our Community
Recently our community managed to break several records concerning activity. Things are going really well. Many hands are posted, many threads and posts are starting to show up everywhere. People are happy and enthusiastic. I've heard that the blog might finally be done soon, so even more nice stuff will come to our community.

Never been to our community? Why not? Go and register for free and get $50!

Tonight there will be some partying again!
I heard there will be some dancing and drinking tonight ;) Gonna be great. Looking forward to it. Even if I'm a bit tired I feel like having a great time. :) See you there!

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