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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got internet now? Whoaaah!

After around 20 days in the new apartment, I think we actually got internet now. Gibtelecom called before to confirm with me that the internet is online. I haven't actually had time to check yet, but I will and then I will call them back and tell them it works (because if it doesn't work I will go MAD).

So, is it finally time for the gym?
I have been so bad at this. Only once have I been to the gym since I got here, but now today I hope that it is finally time for me to go and work my massive muscles. Nadia had a free pass thing for one time that I could use.

Fredrik is coming down soon!
My friend Fredrik is coming down soon for his interview. First I heard it was the 20th of november, but apparently it is the 24th if I'm correct. I will have to look this up so I know when to make some extra time to hang out with him once he's here. =)

So people, keep your fingers crossed for my friend Fredrik. I really hope that he gets the job. He is very ambitious, good at his work and a good guy that truly deserves this job imo.


  1. Good to hear you finally got internet! So what will you be paying now?

    How much is a subscription for the gym? I really need to lose some weight lol so I will force myself there to do some excercise lol

    Oh by the way I'll be flying in next week, the 27th. I have no exact time for the interview yet, all I know I should be arriving around 12.55 in Malaga.

  2. Hi dude!

    Cool, then you will be in gib like around 14-15 sometime. Give me a mail at milliwayz[at]gmail[dot]com ( [at]= @ and [dot]= . )

    I will mail back my phone number as I don't want to write it out in the open (I got stalkers)and you can give me a call once you arrive at the border or when you are at the hotell ;).

    The gym is around £40-£50 a month, but there are cheaper ones too. The internet is around £20-£30 a month and there's a £50 deposit as well as a £50 connection fee. A lot of money :/

  3. I'll drop you a mail when I'm there (if my 3G works there, and I have to watch out for data roaming, using my mobile internet abroad is outrageous expensive).

    I think my interview is even planned at 14.00, so I guess I won't even have any time to relax after flying and driving from 6.00 o clock or something. lol, is going to be a tough day!

    Whatever happens, I'll need a good dinner and beer anyway, so if you can recommend me something that'll be great.

  4. Sounds good ;)

    Sure, I have time after work as well and when you are here for the interview, be sure to look up where the Swedish guys are sitting ;)

  5. Just scream "knäckebröd" and I'll know. It's one of the few Swedish words we Dutch know :P


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