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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Places to Eat in Gibraltar

I've been thinking for a while about writing a blog post about the pretty and the shitty places where you can eat in Gibraltar. If you can't take bad language you shouldn't keep reading, 'cause I'm pretty pissed at some of the places here (although quite happy about a few others).

Great Restaurants of Gibraltar!

Charlie's with my friends and old freelancers :)
1) Charlies Tavern, Ocean Village [their website]
Best food in Gibraltar. Indian Cuisine is fantastic, but their burgers, ribs and sea food is quote damn nice as well. The Service is usually really nice except from when this Blond Manager Woman misses out on the important fact that THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! She can tell customers off for either their own or the customers mistakes, which is not cool. The rest of the staff is awesome and they even remember your favourite orders and make jokes etc. Love them.

2) Cafe Rojo, Irish Town [their facebook page]
Great food, but less to choose from. Little LCHF friendly food, but what they have is amazing. Service is great, but less personal touch than Charlies. Still really like this place.

3) Lek Bangkok, Eurotowers [their website]
Love the Thai food they got and their owner is awesome. He is just a god. A tad more expensive now than before but still produce the best Asian food in Gibraltar.

4) Ipanema, Ocean Village [their website]
Great food, although a bit bland sometimes and quite expensive. Drinks are the best ones in Gib as well. Love their meat buffet. Service is very good most of the times, but I've experienced clumsy bar men and waitresses (and sneaky extra fees!) a couple of times. But all in all quite good!

5) Taps Bar, Ocean Village [contact info page]
Good prices, nice food and the owners are just awesome. Two of their waitresses is really the bottom scrape of Gibraltar. I hope they both get fired. One of them had to take my order 4 times (by me walking to their actually not so busy bar) and still not delivering (but delivering the same dish to people who came later). This waitress in particular was probably dropped as a child.

PIECE OF SHIT Restaurants of Gibraltar!

If you want to die of food poisoning and have your night ruined, go to these places:

1) The Square Café in Casemates: Serves raw/frozen chicken, got food poisoned 2/2 times
2) Pizza Express (frozen pizzas are bigger and taste better)
3) O'Reillys (shit food and worst service in Gibraltar)
4) Celebrities Wine Bar: Good Drinks, shit food. Love the owner though.
5) The Casino: They heat stuff from Morrisons, end of story
6+) Most Mainstreet places actually.


  1. I hated Ipanema when I tried it first - way to fat-loaded food. However once you are able to say "no" to a load of fresh,but too fat meat it will be fine. I can really, really recommend the ribs!

    Pizza Express: strong disagree: Pizza Caprizziosa is my choice and will always be. Also the salmon carpaccio as a starter is nice. My personal pro for Express: its way less fat food compared to i.e. Pizza Hut

    Casino: you need to balance your lines! dont take the burgers unless you are just for meat. Ceasar salad but with dressing aside (otherwise too much dressing per salad leave), shared platters - half price on main foods makes this an easy choice. Also for the food+beer-adventure: Chickenwings for the extra-hungry beer-drinkers. Crispy & Tasty in one.


    1. I do not agree with you, but then you are eating rather strange things as well :p

      I am not convinced that Charlie's always have a good service. It has happened rather often that we got a rather bad service there, but the food is great and it is definitely one of my favorite places.

      Café Rojo must be the most overrated place in this country. Sure, the food was ok, but the service and the way they treat you if you have kids is really bad.

      Pizza Express is actually quite ok. You must go for the "right" dishes though, the Calzone di Napoli is great. You always get a good service if you eat there, and if you order take away they are quick.

      The casino as well is actually quite a lot for your money, It is very cheap and the food is descent, some of it is actually really good.

      I know you do not like Biancas, but it is definitely a really good place to go to. The food is good, not to mention that they have the best desert menu in the country, crushing the already good desert menu at Charlies!

  2. Hi there favorite German!

    You forget that FAT is good if you avoid Carbs ;)

    Pizza Express has only served me tiny, expensive and burnt pizzas. I have never ever gotten a decent one there.

    Casino just makes everything complicated, since they dont know how to cook/serve food imo. :P Although I do love the Nachos and the Chicken Wings. :)


  3. Cafe Rojo is amazing place for food, almost my favorite, but they are not kids friendly... U didn't mentioned Cafe Solo, very good place to eat i think.
    And I don't like Biancas with all my heart :)


  4. How the fuck is Gauchos not in spot 1 on that list? It's not even on that list at all! Secondly, Ipanema food is terrible. The Casino food also needs to be measured differently since it is super cheap with the 2 for 1 offer, food comes quickly and if you know what they can do then you actually get quite nice stuff. The chicken wings are indeed the absolute nuts!

    1. re Gauchos... i do love their meat, i honestly think its best place in Gib for meat lovers, but... BUT i saw there BIG, VERY BIG cockroach running on te wall and i fricked out and didn't want to eat after... maybe i'm too sensitive


  5. Hi guys!

    @Vlada: Cafe Solo is actually quite good, but they didnt make the top 5 I'm afraid, but perhaps the one in Eurotowers should actually be included. I cant remember much but I think I liked it there.

    @Mr/Mrs. Gauchos: I don't like meat and we saw them drop something once on the floor just to pick it back up and cook/serve it.

    Also I think I wouldn't measure a places food quality by the price ;) But if you want cheap stuff then The Casino is a nice choice! Although you get what you pay for!


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