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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm so lazy, but starting to get really good!

Sorry for being so lazy with the blog, but I got so much work and other stuff to do each day now. I don't say I don't enjoy it, but blogging is a bit less prioritized ATM so don't expect daily updates.

Tomorrow is Daniels last day at work, and today was our last breakfast together. Going to miss you Daniel and I hope you get a job here in Gib so you can stay!

Jun and me = Dream Team

Last Thursday when Jun and I played badminton, I'm pretty sure we had the best game we've ever had. Maybe one day we can get another medal... for winning this time!

We are playing again tonight. We are going to KICK ASSES!

Really interesting projects at work

I'm such in a good mood at work. Our member Kariyou77 is doing really well in EPT Monte Carlo and a lot of interesting projects is coming up at work. Life is really worth living right now! I can say that this year will be very interesting for the Swedish Community at

Dragon Age eats my free time

I've been playing Dragon Age kind of non-stop recently and I must say that it is really well made. The story is really brilliant, the characters so alive. I don't know where to stop but I must say that Bioware keeps surprising me with their brilliant Game Design. Good job guys!

One funny thing that I noticed while playing, was that when in Orzimmar, there was this girl in the poor district which name and looks looked very familiar. Well it is practically a digital version of Nadia, with her name as well! Look! ---->

Another really funny thing I laughed my ass of watching, was the Golem Shale, that immediately showed his alignment as soon as you got him in your party (team). Just watch this video:

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  1. Dude - look at the hair, we have nothing in common :D


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