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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two old Farts back in town! Guess who!

Oshlopki everyone! Yes! That is my new favorite Russian word!

A few days ago Fredrik and Julie came back to Gibraltar. If Håkan hadn't spoiled the surprise, I would have shit my pants when I saw that (Julie was suppose to come a few days before Fredrik, you see) Fredrik in fact came down at the same time. Luckily both Vlada and Johan both went whattefack when the saw the old schlong standing there at my doorstep.

Welcome back. Now, let's play some Rock Band and drink IKEA GLÖGG!

Rock Band with the good ol' gang

Well except Johan and Håkan, but they have babies (it is still not 100% known who is the father of Leo). Wild nights are wild.

Vlada on Drums, Fredrik on Base, Phil on Keyboard and Julie singing hear eyes out!

Will they stay or will they go?

We will see, but I do hope that they will stay. Now finally I wont have to nag a week for anyone to come and play Rock Band or come with to Badminton (fuckin' La Linea fuckers are fuckin' lazy fuckers... fuck!). OH! Yes, Magic the Gathering is back on the table. So long have I waited... SO LONG!

Hmm... How the f*** will I have time to play Diablo 3?

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