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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Guitar - Completing my Soul

I have felt that there is a part of my soul that has always been missing, or actually a couple of them. Maybe that is why I am totally INSAAAANE?!!!! No, that's not it.

Anyway, I decided that its just mental to go around being annoyed by something I can actually do something about, so I went and bought a guitar the very next day.

Yamaha X31825B3Z POWER!

You're a nice guy - but no thank you.

This nice guy in Gibraltars Main Music Store offered me a nice Yamaha Guitar and it didn't take much convincing before I agreed to his offer. He then also offered to give guitar lessons and gave me his business card.

Okay stop right there.

Gold text on Red Background?! I think I'll need eye surgery if I'm ever going to be able to read that shit. N00b. I ain't takin' any lessons from someone that requires his clients to have the vision of an insect.

"The internet is for... "

... free guitar lessons. I managed to find a few nice beginners videos. I really liked the hair due and the "can I please pet your cat" attitude of a guy from like the 80s or something and took up the challenge to learn how to play Ode of Joy, the puppy dog version.

After a few days of practice I can finally pull it off without thinking, just trusting my fingers to remember the movement. Since this guy wanted to continue with an Elton John song, I said FU and checked out some other guides. I should really be learning the names of the strings, some basic cords and these things before getting too deep into songs. I found this one video with a few hints, but it turned out to be a troll-ish advertising channel for a website that proved to be shit.

I finally find this girl who I decided was an appropriate candidate for teaching me the basics... mainly because of her English accent that reminded me that it is so much fun to say NAAUTEEE (even though no one is really listening)!

I now learned the C Major, F Major, E Minor and A Minor. Well, I am still learning, but the plan is to nail it and be able to switch between them before the end of this week.

Okay, I have to admit that I have been cheating a bit by trying to learn Nothing Else Matters from this dude as a little motivational side quest. One day I'll fuckin' nail this sh1t.

For my next blog post Ill try to record a video of me playing a song I learnt, but it'll probably be shit so don't get any high expectations.


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