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Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Simeon! + Fantastic Casino Buffé

Okay, this post is dedicated to Simeon... AND a little fold in from last night (sorry, I know I promised you full attention).

Simeon Colin Hills
Simeon is the cable guy at our office. He is 26, since some days ago, and has an affection for Heineken and bowling (which he is arranging for us to play today).

And as I told you in my previous post, Simeon has wanted to be on my blog since he was a child, and what friend am I if I didn't grant h im that wish? It's a late birthday present for the lad.

Me and Simeon have one thing in common: We both suck at live poker, or we think we are great, but the cards just doesn't play our way. If you ever search for a poker table where you want a good chance of winning, it's mine and Simeons. We not only offer good company, we offer you our chips as well.

There you go Simeon! I hope you liked your present!

Buffé at the Casino £12 - So worth it!
This is the buffé you have been looking for. Even though most food in Gibraltar is kind of tasteless, this one got taste. It is the Restaurant at the Gala Casino. Every thursday they have a buffé for £12 that includes LOTS of food and a dessert buffé.

I had a really good time there and would recommend anyone trying it out. I'm going there next thursday after work, anyone want to join me? Afterwards I will be playing the £5 beginners tournament downstairs at the casino, join there as well why don't ya?

Now I know that I will see at least Henrik, my Swedish collegue at the buffé every thursday, as his greatest passion in life apparently is food... and food. ;)

Oh, here's some pictures of the dessert!


  1. spela skinnflöjt till julmusik!

    (för er som tror att vi är störda i huvudet så är detta en intern version av "fyra bugg och en coca cola, från högskoletiden)


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