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Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Joakim Bergman and I live in Gibraltar

I'm finally in Gibraltar, sitting in our new apartment which is 5 minutes from work and 7 minutes from Ocean Village - my favourite place to be.

05:15 - Wake up fatsos!
Stupid alarm! I was dreaming cool stuff, which I of course don't remember 1 minute later!!!! Time to go up and eat breakfast. Have to be at the airport 07:00 at latest.

Me and Annika packed the last few things, which was toothbrushes and that kind of things, and began our ride to the airport. Everything worked out good on the airport. We didn't even have to pay for the extra kilos we had with us. Normally they would charge €30 for that amount of extra weight. Thanks Arlanda, you are the best!

08:00 - Bye bye Sweden!
Finally on the plane. The start and landing was surprisingly nice and steady, even Annika felt all right. 11:40 we Arrived at Madrid airport, where we had the most expensive crap-food ever. And no, I'm not looking for the word fast-food, this was really crap. Pizza and Pasta, more like cold brick with cheese and tasteless strings of pasta with even more tasteless tomato sauce. I Don't recommend this.

Well, off to Malaga it is, the flight left at 13:00 and was a bit more shaky than the first flight, but all in all quite all right. At Malaga airport José the taxi driver was waiting again, and no it's not the one that farted the last time, but I actually went with José the last time as well. A really nice guy, but not very good at English so the whole trip was kind of "speechless" if you know what I mean.

At Gibraltar I was picked up by the company car, driven by a very nice girl named Vicky, also the one that handled the relocation for me.

16:30 - Hello apartment!
Oh my gosh! I love it! And the best part is that it has Ikea furniture :P The bed and tv-table is exactly the same as the ones I had in Skövde, although in another colour (black).

Two bathrooms, 2 bathrooms, a huge kitchen combined with living room. Although there is absolutely no where to hang trash bags, which sucks. Anyway, here's some pictures!
After getting everything unpacked and stuff, we went down to ocean village for dinner. It was some indian restaurant that had very good food, but they charge extra for EVERYTHING, even the rice, so the total price was 2x the expected prize. Kind of felt ripped off, but I guess everything down here doesn't work as up in Sweden.
22:30 - Goodnight everyone!
Well, it has been an exhausting day. Now me and Annika are off to see the final episode of Sopranos, season 1. Tomorrow there will be some shopping in Ocean Village and Main Street. Good night!


  1. Ser ju finfint ut det där! =)
    Och underbart med Ikeamöbler, då känner man sig ju lite som hemma! Kände igen både en, två, tre och fyra möbler där!
    Hur kommer vädret vara där hos dig under vintern? Tänkte om man tröttnar på det svenska höstvinterrusket och känner för att ta en spontanresa ner och hälsa på! ;)

    Kram på er // Kusin Karin

  2. OMG, det enda som fattas är ju en jacuzzi och självklart att jag är där! :D De har vårt soffbord!! Hoppas ni trivs bra där nu! Vi söker jobb som attans här.

    FU!/ Kim och Fredrik

  3. Karin: Ikea är mysigt, klagar inte ;)

    Vädret är lite regnigare under vintern, eftersom det är regnperiod, och när det är som kallast är det kanske som lägst 8 plusgrader så det kan bli lite småkyligt, men det är 300 soldagar om året, så du kan ju räkna ut ungefär när det är och inte är lämpligt att åka ner (för solens skull), förmodligen de 65 kallaste dagarna i Sverige lär ju vara de 65 regnigaste dagarna här ungefär :P

  4. Kim och Fredrik: Längtar efter att ni ska få jobb och komma ner :)

    Karin: Du får förresten jättegärna hälsa på! Säg bara till, det vore jättekul!


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