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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Never again a Creative Assembly game...

Okay I've had enough. You guys have gotten more chances than you deserve. The only reason I kept buying your games was really because some of my friends work for you, but now I've truly had enough of unplayable bugs and crappy support.

This is going to be blog post of flame and heat. Prepare yourselves.

Rome: Total War - Shogun: Total War (good - horrible)

From the first game they did really well, Rome: TW (or rather Barbarian Invasion which was the most playable version of the Total War games), Creative Assembly have been going downhill when it comes to their programming. Many of their games have unplayable bugs and always have had. Once they move on to a new title they always abandon the old ones and simply stop caring about people that still plays them. Creative Assembly leaves a trail of bugs and I can still not remember a single title since Rome: TW Barbarian Invasion that has been playable all the way from the beginning to the end.

I know a Game Studio is like a family and it is hard to get people go, especially programmers since they are so hard to replace. If you want to finally create a game that is playable (okay, Shogun was an improvement but then again... the game was mostly random and had no soul), you have to let some people go and hire some new talent. Also, a change of attitude and an improvement of customer communication would be a big step in the right direction. So far I have browsed over 30 threads about problems where none has been resolved. Not even by the players (who usually are the ones that manages to fix your games).

Since the fiasco of Shogun: Total War (or Total War: Shogun), you really have to make a big change if you want to ever be able to regain the respect that players once had for you.

Talking about flame and heat!

Check out my LCHF dish: Cream & Cheese filled Meat Loaf wrapped with Crispy Bacon. This was served with a Gorgonzola Mushroom Sauce. Here's some pics!


  1. Try Sengoku instead ;)

  2. Haha trollollolollooool!

    No, but I am actually going to purchase the new Europa Universal's games. I only played the first three + the first expansion on number 3. Any chance you got get me a discount? ;)


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