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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year everyone! My new years eve!

Happy new year! Well, now it's 2010! Doesn't that feel a bit weird? Well me new years eve was great! Even though it started off with some arguments with some of my friends. It's to bad that I cannot be at several places at once, but I would if I could. You guys know that right?

Btw, here's a picture of me wrapping late x-mas presents :P And of course my cat joined in as usual. I know a couple of people that are quite curious ;)

Last day of 2009
I woke up around 12-13, so I had a nice long sleep. Ate some nice tomato soup as a starter and later we ate some really nice potato gratin with some pork dish that was really nice. Both my brothers and their families was there.

Later we had some dessert, beer and then the obligatory whiskey looting from our fathers whiskey shelf. Well we cant let it just stand there and get old, can we?

Finally, we watched some hockey and then it was time for the fireworks down at the park. All in all, a really nice new years eve!

Sweden > Finland
Oh Pekka, if you are reading this, I really feel for you mate. Finland got crushed in yesterdays hockey game with 7-1 to Sweden. Swedens juniors are pretty amazing, I think there's a good chance they will snatch the gold medal and be officially best in the world. We just have to beat those damn Canadians!

Sweden is in semi finals! Hurray!

Traveling back to Gib now!
If anyone is wondering, Im now packing my bags and traveling back to Gib. See you soon!


  1. Happy New Year!

    The pic is sooo cute, the cat, aaaww! And I so like your new hair colour, it really suits you ;)

    Looking forward for you to come back to Gib!

  2. Thank you Anke! :) Soo nice!

    Happy new year to you too!

    Glad to be back! Can't wait until we go and see Avatar! I hear it's so great!


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