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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What should a Cover Letter look like?

As I made my second cover letter to (I just wasn't satisfied with the first one), I started thinking. What is good to have in a cover letter and what is not?

Note: I have NOT researched into this as much as I did with the "How to make a CV" thing, but I think I got some know-how at least. Where I'm wrong, I want you to correct, so feel free to write any feedback in the comments section of this post.

What to have in the cover letter:
  1. Personality and information on who you are
  2. Motivation to why you are the right guy/girl
  3. Something that backs up "good stuff" in your CV.
  4. A good and personal layout

What NOT to have in the cover letter:
  1. The same stuff that's ALREADY in your CV
  2. Bad english/language or messy layout
  3. Information that doesn't have anything to do with you being the right guy/girl for this job.

Here's my COVER LETTER for Any questions or feedback?


  1. Ah, that's true. I don't know how I mixed that up, but it's fixed now! Thanks =)

  2. Cover Letter indeed plays an important role for those who are looking forward to apply for a particular Job. I glad to found this site , really helpful. Great Work..

  3. Guerrilla marketing ;) I can see you!

  4. i wish i stubbled across your site earlier.. i have applied to work for pokerstrategy. I'm hoping i get some good news ;)

  5. Just saw your comment now, but I do hope it has gone well for you!


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