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Monday, August 10, 2009

Creating a CV, my style

Okay, let's get to the point. I'm going to teach you all to write a CV, my style. I'm aware of that my method may be flawed and that I'm no expert in the area, I'm just sharing the knowledge that others have given me. Here we go!
  1. Personal Info (Name, location, contacts and a photo)
  2. Goal (What would you want to work with?)
  3. Profile (What's your main qualities)
  4. Working Experience (Where have you worked?)
    - State your previous and current positions.
    - Have the latest position stated on top of the list.
    - State all jobs, even internships and non-profit jobs.

  5. Education (Where and what have you studied?)
    - University studies first with a list of all PASSED classes.
    - High School studies, not so detailed only breifly summarized.

  6. Societies/Memberships (A member of any boards?)
  7. Skills (What are your skills, personal and software/hardware)
    - State your current skill level (Beginner/Moderate/Expert)
    - State how many years of experience in each skill and how long since you last used it.- What's your language skills?
  8. References (Who's your reference?)
    - List who they are and how to contact them, alterantively write "If Requested" instead of giving out the contact information right away.

  9. Recommendations (Has anyone recommended you?)
     - Either list two  short or one longer recommendation you.
  10. Other information (Anything else you wish to share?)
    - Here you can list things like products you have worked with or links to a portfolio website or similar.

In my CV I have chosen to work with only some of these areas. You should only include what is relevant for the position you are applying for. Remember that.


  1. Two tips:
    Remember that CVs usually are for HR devartments. They are used as quick reference papers to see if you qualify. Don't make it to long by adding semi-useful or even useless information for the job.

    Only use information that is relevant and worthy of the position you are applying for: what job will ever require you to be a beginner in Java some years ago?

  2. That's a very good tip. Thanks Jesper, I didn't really think about it that way, but I agree!

  3. Hi.

    I have two big issues with your way, that I'm, personally am not found of.

    The first one is having a complete list of all passed courses. That's a looong list for some, so what I do is that I show some selected few, the most relevant ones. And I have a seperate document called "academic merits" which I refer to in the CV, that I send to those who're interested. Or you could attach it at the same time. Just don't have the entire list in the CV.

    The other thing is:
    "Write a very short but selling text about your way of thought. Try to convince them that they want someone like you as a person."
    I don't think that has anything to do with your CV. Your CV should be facts only. Your self marketing should be placed in the cover letter; that's what it's for.

    Of course, these are just my opinions. Feel free to look at mine for reference over at:


  4. Hi Arcade!

    The first tip is very good. I will think about that and re-make my CV a bit.

    About the second tip: Yes in theory you are correct and I know this is not a typical thing to have in the CV. The reason I added it is because I personally believe that the CV needs to be modernised. There's too much competition if you dont try to market yourself in the CV. This is very experimental and I think it's good that you guys gives me feedback on it. It could be shortened in my CV though, but for now I'm keeping it.

  5. correction to last comment:

    I decided to remove the "my way of thought". I realised that it was not that neccesary.

  6. Sorry guys, I'm not agree at all. Your CV means nothing, you can sell shit on paper but the real story is when you meet face to face your recruiter. The fact is that no matter what university you've visited and no matter what fancy internships you've made if you do not have the working experience, facing the real job everyday you are like a baby in the eyes of every one. The only valid reason to hire you is to see that you are enough motivated, intelligent and able to be formed according the company philosophy. To makes you thing as they want you to think, without resisting to your superior managers. Because your brains are still manageable and to exercise an ascendancy over you is easy. You are going to fit in the system of already build hierarchy acting as a cam-gear as long as you are needed. Actually what you need is to persuade or to leave the impression in your recruiter that you are the perfect fitting gear-wheel without a free will. You are a fresh meet, newcomers without experience, thirsty crusaders in a desert of lost souls. Do not forget you are what you are, not what you are expected to be! So be honest, tell them who you really are, what you dream of, why are you the men suitable for the job, let them see why you deserve it!


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