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Monday, January 11, 2010

They made me shave my beard... + Baking day!

This morning when I realised what I had done, I almost wanted to cry. I miss my manly beard :(. But it's 0k I guess it looks fine. Well someone did laugh her ass off yesterday when seeing my babyface, but what can I do. They say it looks better, so I guess I'll just have to trust them.

I am Dr. No Beard
Yesterday when Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Andra, Nadia, Michael and I baked stuff, Michael suddenly surprised me with a comment about my beard. It all led to a vote, and everyone voted for me to shave it all off :O. So I cried a bit inside and then I did it.

I think I was blushing like a little girl for like 1-2 hours, but it feels better now. Thank god my friends are so supportive in a time of crisis.

Well I guess I have to life with the fact that I look less straight even though I look more "clean" now. Now I don't look like a dirty nerd anymore! :)

Bakin' Lussebuns an' some brown shit
Yesterday we had a really great time baking stuff like the Swedish specail x-mas buns called Lussekatt / Lussebulle as well as some really tasty brown thing that Andra made for us. I kind of first messed up the buns, but I saved it by just having the error of not having anough Safran in it. But I think they taste quite alright to be the first thing I've baked for years :)

See the results -->

Today is Fredriks first day!
Fredrik is having his first day today and so far its going well! I'm going to try to snatch him for a photograph for my blog post and hopefully he will obey my commands.

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