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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meeting Anke, Kai, Philip and Yun (?) + Hockey night!

Right now I'm watching Canada - Switzerland, where Canada currently is leading with 1-0. Second period is just starting as I'm typing this. Go Switzerland!

Would be fun to leave the Canadians medal-less (haha in your face Maci, but Canada wont even get a bronze if I get to decide!).

I love live streaming! Going to live in front my computer once Sweden plays semi finals or the Finals. Too bad the semi finals are at 03:00 :(

Nice to meet you, Yun!
I don't think I'm even close at spelling your name correctly. :$ Kai will have to teach me, as he earlier taught me how to pronounce it correctly.

First Kai, Yun and Philip came to have a look at mine and Kai's apartment. Then they went to get Kais stuff from Philips place. Anke then came over to watch some tv and check out the place. Not long after that the other guys came back and we started to have semi deep/semi small talks about being chased by aliens or mutants and so on.

Really nice to see some people again. Also saw Andra earlier today, was nice to see her too. :)

Pizza and movie night at Philips place!
Oh my god, Philip you do have an incredible place. I recommend anyone to go for a tour at his place. Makes my design sense tingle.

We had some pizza, beers, popcorn and watched the movie Serenity, the movie from the Firefly series. It was me, Philip, Kai and Yun. The movie was such a cliche but well I'm not that picky. I can watch almost any movie that I haven't already seen ;)

Also Philip was really nice and gave me a bag of beer to bring home. I'm going to invite him over later for dinner and movie ;)


  1. Isn't your apartment named Serenity?

  2. Serenity a cliche? Duuude! It is one of the few original SciFi Movies!

    Anyway, sorry I couldn't make it! We have the beer some time this week :)

  3. It is! Unwillingly taking the prodigy sexy girl onboard, then getting sympathy for her and then he has these one-liners which are really bad. :P and on top of that someone looses her loved one and some other finds a love. Happy ending! And also, the girl kicks ass and survives, of course. :P

    Cliché! :P

  4. and yes Ölf, it is, ironically :)


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