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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The weirdest day...

Today is perhaps not the best of days, even though one of my problems is now solved. Fredrik have had his second day at work and have gotten his workstation in between me and Henrik (see picture).

Today I almost messed up 3 hours of work, I had a waiting committee and it also now started to rain again. :(

But! My former agent, Natalia (NOT Find a Property) has been very sweet and I have decided to market her on my blog. Also, there has been a purchase of one Tamagochi to Melvin, the hero of the day!

The hero of the day competition
Today three heroic guys competed about being my hero of the day. Michael wanted to help me find a good cable for the tv, which he did with help from another influence. Then Simeon surprised me by actually going and looking for a cable for me, which was pretty nice of him. Although too late as Michael beat him to it. Then he didn't invite me to his honeymoon with Michael which gave him a lot of minus points.

The winner is Melvin, who showed me how to recover a file that I had been working on for 3 hours, that I thought I lost! His prize was a Tamagochi and two muffins! Enjoy it mate! You earned it!

A waiting committee?
When I went home to let the cleaning lady in I was surprised by two repairmen and Helen waiting for me there as well (actually I knew about Helen), so my place was crowded with people wanting to fix stuff in my apartment ;) You can imagine how many things actually wasn't how they were suppose to be.

Want to live in Gib? Natalia is your girl ;)
Natalia Schilling is an estate agent in Gibraltar area that is really good at doing her work. She previously helped me trying to find a place, and everything went very fast and smooth. Due to problems that neither her or I could help, I had to check with another agency as well, which in the end was the agency whom got me the flat.

Although she managed to impressively get my friends Fredrik and Kim-Kim a place within 24 hours from when they contacted her - for a good price too!

You can contact her at 629776784 or

I strongly recommend her!


  1. Quote: "Due to problems that neither her or I could help, I had to check with another agency as well, which in the end was the angecny whom got me the job."

    You got your job from an estate agency? Wow, impressive! lol

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hrm... interesting *writes down the number* Thanks for the tip!

    Do you think it's good that her phone is just posted here, tho? She could get spammed or something.

  4. I asked her first and she said it was okay. :)


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