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Saturday, January 16, 2010

First dish in the new apartment + Filipes party!

It's saturday evening and I feel like I've been drinking too much whiskey and some weird shit Johannes gave me (concleberry juice or something). Just have a look at me, I just took this picture and I cant manage to get a proper one... I guess I'm just to tired/wasted.

My special bolognese to Kai!
Today I decided to cook for my flat mate Kai. He was so hung over and had lost parts of his voice, so I cooked him my special bolognese meal. Although I overcooked the pasta a bit (cause I used fresh pasta which I'm not use to really) and made a really nice bolognese which could have used a bit more salt. Haha I never get satisfied do I? :P

Anyway, here is how it looked! (sorry for not including the pasta but it would have f*ked up the wonderful look of my beautiful bolognese.)

Happy birthday Filipe!
This party was really great. I had a great time and was (and still are) in a great partymood. I drank a lot tonight and had some really intelligent conversations (as always when you are drinking). I got to know some of the CS-people I hadn't really talked to much before and the spanish chick was surprisingly nice to talk to for instance.

Well that's all. Happy birthday Filipe and thanks for a really successful party! Sorry I forgot to take any pictures. :(

You got photos from last friday?
Just want to ask that if you got photos from the company party last Friday, please tag me on facebook so I can find them. I want to show people that I was actually sober for once :)

Btw, the party was great this Friday. I had a great time and really enjoyed it, although it was very crowded and I got tired really quickly (cause I hadn't slept very much the night before... or the night after, so I don't really understand why I'm so alert right now).

I had some interesting talks with my team leader Kai (not the one I'm living with), Stefan and Lutz. I think it's good getting to know your superiors, 'cause they are people too.

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