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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back in Gibraltar, alive and well - but my ears are bleeding!

I'm back from my week long vacation in cold Sweden. I had a great time with my parents, my brothers and their families. Was nice to see everyone again!

COOOLD in Sweden

From +20 degrees to -20 degrees, kinda big change. Although I havent got sick yet, but I guess it's only a matter of time. My body is kind of saying "WTF?" now when going from different climates so much in this short period of time.

This morning went I left my brothers place (stayed there as he lives close to the airport) I was almost freezing to death. Luckily we had been eating pizza, drinking whiskey and stuff to keep my stomach stuffed and ready for the cold, and in the morning I had some warm tea. :) I survived!

Next time, bring ear plugs
I can't believe some kids. This one was screaming hystericly every other minute in two hours time (and I'm not kidding). Once this one stopped for his one minute break, the other one starts singing the same melody from Indiana Jones, and she sings it WRONG! Two hours of torture...

Time to make a list!
Now when I'm back home in the new apartment I will make a list of stuff I have to buy for the place. Like scissors, desk, computer chair, computer, more glasses, forks, knifes... you name it! Got lots of new stuff to buy! The apartment looks kind of empty even though it has a basic set of furniture.

Anyway! See you tomorrow!


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