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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Met Fredrik and Kim-Kim for dinner! + Apartment troubles...

I wont go into details, as I'm trying to be nice here, but things haven't gone really good with the apartment thing, and I will tell you why in a bit.

Yesterday we were eating out at Ipanemas with Fredrik and Kim-Kim, so nice to see them again! Nadia and Henrik joined us!

By the way, lookie! Me found Kai! -->

Trouble with apartments
Well, for this post I will keep it short, but if it "gets worse" I will tell the whole story for you. Lets just say I had some apartment troubles, several times and things were not handled very well from another party.

If everything works out fine I will move into the new apartment within the week. Tomorrow I will provide you all with pictures of it.

Let's say that I don't really like to argue with people, but I always think that right should be right, whatever the case is.

I look so badass!

Nadia and I have been playing around with a very girlish umbrella Nadia brought. OMG, I look so badass! (EDIT: Filipe joined in as well)


  1. Yeah, right. Pink makes your manliness look even manlier :D LOL

  2. OH YEAH! *Smashes something hard and cool against my forhead*


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