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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hey! I bought a Playstation 3 + 2 games!

Today I have done a lot of good worked and also bought myself a PS3, which makes me feel very satisfied with myself.

Tonight I will plug in my baby and then I will go out with Henrik and his friends. Will also check if some others want to join.

On Monday I will go to Alvia's place and make sure her place is cat-proof. 'cause we are going to steal a cat for her.

Playstation 3 250gb + 2 controls and HDMI
I got my stuff now and am very excited to get started. So gaming nights will be at my place in the future (every month I will buy new games too btw).

Assassins Creed 2 + Unsharted 2... + NHL09!
I bought the first two games in the title and the third one I already had. NHL09 is the game for February though, as Hockey Olympics starts and when I cant watch the games, I'm going to play hockey just so that the Swedish hockey team will do better at their next game... never mind it's a spiritual thing, you wouldn't understand if you are not from Sweden... or my head.

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