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Friday, January 8, 2010

Find a Problem - See pics of the "real" flat!

Hi everyone! I'm back! Yesterday I did a massive shopping as well as unpacking and fixing some stuff in the new/real apartment.

Use another agency
How we got to move from the first place to the other though, was because of a big mistake by Find a Property here in Gib. They not only gave us the wrong keys, twice, they let us move into the wrong apartment, someone else future home. They also wrote the contract wrong so the figures were about £350 higher than what we agreed on.

Do NOT use Find a Property when getting a place to stay in Gibraltar. Nothing goes right and they never call you back even though they say so. Also they did not handle their own mistakes very well and should really work on their internal communication.

The new flat! See pictures!
A picture says more than a thousand words. Oh btw, we got internet at home now! YAY!

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