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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dessi is training for the circus + Party tonight!

Tonight there's going to be a party for all the newcomers. Going to be great! Btw look at our little circus star, doesn't she look promising?

Party tonight!
Tonight there will be a party for all the newer newcomers again, which is hosting through commander Nadia. It will be at Savannas, it will be great and it will be a lot of drinking! (yeah I know everything I write is about partying and eating, but face it - Gibraltar IS quite small.)

Bloodline Champions Trailer

This is the game of my friends back in Sweden, which my new colleague Fredrik helped design. Look at this new trailer and don't tell me you didn't cry a little when you saw this piece of beauty:


  1. The party are for the newcomers, right?
    Well, then it´s nothing for you. Just take it easy and goto bed my son....

  2. Hell yeah! I am about to run the first Gibraltar circus, still looking for clowns! :D Wanna join? ;)

  3. @Dad: stfu, I'm the party prince! If I'm not there, it can't be called a party :P

    @Dessi: YAY! How's the salary? 100 pieces of camel poop?

  4. Salary is good, you get to make people laugh - this time you will be getting paid for it :D


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