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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A glimpse of a manikins ass + I got myself in real trouble!

Oh my god. Yesterday was crazy, in many ways!

Woke up, went shopping with Nadia, met up with Fredrik & Kim-Kim and had brunch together. Went with Nadia to Carrefour and bought a computer desk and some other stuff, but were then STOPPED by the border police! After this I started building my desk and then we went bowling, a big gang (10+) of us. We finished off with some food and drinks at Pussers and then Im not sure when I actually got to bed, like 03:30 or something.

Shopping & The Border Police
A couple of minutes after 12:00, Nadia rang my door and tried to sober up by drinking a coconut Coffée. Then we went looking for girly things, which made me feel a little bit... unstraight... or what's the word for it... crooked?

All of a sudden, while talking about Nadia eating babies when she is hungry, Fredrik and Kim-Kim showed up in the middle of Main Street! We decided to go to Lord Nelsons and eat some fucking brunch - And the fucking brunch was fabulously magnificent!

Off to Spain it is! Walking past with only my ID, which went totally fine. Took a taxi to Carrefour and found ourselves some things we wanted there. We actually managed to find the EXACT desk that I wanted and as a bonus Nadia managed to find us some straapwafels.

STOP YOU COÑO! No, the border guard/police/whatever/fuckyou/Ijustcantrememberwhatit'scalledokay? stopped me after realizing that my ID didn't state nationality, cause apparently where I got it they didn't think this was useful information. Wtf...

I was stuck there for over two hours before the hero of the day, Anke, came to the rescue with my passport, that she managed to retrieve after climbing in to my flat from the outside (yes, she is actually spiderman). I got home, ALIVE!

Bowling & Dinner
Okay, why do we keep inviting Henrik to these bowling nights? We should at least cut off his hand and replace it with a hook, like in the movie. I played very mediokerly today, but Filipe, Henrik, Annika and Tatsu kicked royal butt! Off course Vali did great too (although getting beaten by his girlfriend).

After this we all went to Pussers Landing for some puss... food. As usual I took the fantastic Ceasar Salad and decided to boost it with a Painkiller drink. This was not a good idea, as the painkiller tasted like ASS after eating the salad. Not a good taste combination.

We had lots of fun and I managed to get home alive... again (this time refering to the painkiller drink. Andreas know's all about that drink, doesn't he?).

Poker table + Helping Simeon move today!
Today I will be helping Simeon to move and as a thanks he will drive my newly purchased Poker Table and Chip Case to my place. Good deal. Will get back to you later how this went and if I again will be raped somehow by the border whatever.


  1. Mind you, it was a hazelnut latte, and I wasn't sobering up coz I didnt drink on Firday, I was just trying to wake up since Im dont like waking up early on Saturdays...


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