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Monday, January 4, 2010

Guess who will come to Gib tomorrow?!

I'm so excited, tomorrow is going to be a great day! Fredrik and Kim-Kim is coming to Gibraltar! And also Nadia is coming back from her holiday.

Who's Fredrik and Kim-Kim?
They are two of my close friends from Sweden, who are actually moving down here to Gibraltar. Fredrik got the job as a Community Manager for the Swedish community, just as me. From the next monday and onwards we will be working together. This is going to be great!

I miss all the old movie, Youtube and dinner nights we had. Also role playing! I know we are nerds, but we are proud of it!

Today was a slow monday

This must be the slowest day ever. My head just don't want to work. Well I guess after x-mas and new years eve I'm bound to have a slow start. And when I wanted to go home it started to rain and thundering.

One thing though, that made my day, was this comedian Yukiko told me about: Michael Mcintyre! You just have to see it, I can't put it in words how funny he is:


  1. Freddie is coming! Woohoo! If I don't get invited when you go with him to dinner I am going to be mad!

    Mcintyre is super btw. Check also out my hero Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand.

  2. Michael, do you still want to mess with the poor guy when he moves to Gib? I am already feeling sorry for Fredrik... :P

  3. @Michael: Sure I will invite you, unless you ditch me again ;) haha ;) no worries about that, just messing with ya!

    @Nadia: He can't help it, he's a sado-fag :P

    @Toby: WORD!


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