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Monday, January 18, 2010

I really did it good this time... Success!

Hah! I'm guessing you all were thinking this was something huge. But consider yourselves fooled by the almighty!

Enchiladas en la master!
Okay, this time I really did the Enchiladas of the century. I used the bolognese left over from the day before and made enchiladas from them (adding appropriate spices and tomato sauce + cheese and stuff) and made these babies -->

Kai was quite surprised I could cook :P Took that as a compliment :)

Gym later this week, want to join?
Later this week I'm going to get my ass back to the gym and start working out 3 times a week again. Maybe ill do badminton once a week and gym twice. Will be great getting back into shape! I feel I've gotten a bit too chubby now of all chocolate cookies people give me ;)

Classic worth viewing again
Swedish ice hockey player Linus Omark totally humiliates Swizz goalie. Enjoy!

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