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Friday, January 29, 2010

STEAK for the men! + Getting some Pussers tonight!

I had a great time yesterday. First we went to Gauchos for the steak and after that we mingled away to O'Reillys where we met up with Daniel and Jonas on the way. It was great, but I didnt stay for long as I had felt the urge to play some Assassins Creed 2 before I went to bed ;)

Women, fuck off - NO steak for you!
Yesterday Michael, Marcus, Henrik, Simeon and Tatsu went to Gauchos for some manly steak and beers. It was really really good and I had the medium rare Entrecoté. This was a men-only night btw, have no idea how Simeon made it in there.

Simeon (or Simone from now on?) was such a girl and was like "mister mister, my steak is to raw, I have to think about my soft skin and my beautiful set of hair, and too rare steaks are bad for that!". My god, get some balls and eat it raw!

Can't wait 'til I get a taste of...
... Ceasar Salad at Pussers Landing tonight. Me, Henrik, Anke, Fredrik & Kim-Kim are going there to introduce the latter two to the marvelous Ceasar Salad that they serve. Afterwars we might go to Valis birthday party I'm not sure, but I'm sure I will have fun tonight!


  1. Actually you mother fucker, it was first brought to me over-cooked! Then the bitches brought me a live cow and I asked them to kindly take it away, slaughter it and cook it.

    Your web site sucks by the way.

    Shitty regards,



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