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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yesterdays "tea party" + Tonights Steaknight!

Hi everyone! I just realised how bad I have become at taking pictures, but I guess my memory just fails me too much lately. I will get better, I promise!

Steak Night tonight, YUM!

Yesterday's "tea"... party!
It was really great! Drank lots of "tea"! :) I was hanging out with Quisqueya, Philip, Anke, Melvin and Michael (among others). It was actually one of the better parties I've been to for a while now. :)

Tonights stake night - for men only!
Tonight we guys will go to a place in town to eat real stake, for real men. Of course this means Michael can't come, but we will send him a postcard.

No Ikea :(
Apparently, they don't let Swedish people in, 'cause then they will have to sell them. No, but Fredrik and Kim-Kim want to wait until they can buy the special little sofa-piece that they want. I will instead go shopping in La Linea this saturday, hopefully the computer table as well as some clothes.

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