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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dinner and Sherlock Holmes!

Yesterday I went with some of my friends in Gibraltar to have some dinner at Lord Nelsons and then we went to the cinema to finally see Sherlock Holmes, which was surprisingly good.

Earlier that day, I went shopping for some stuff I needed, and while I was looking for some cleaning things, I saw this funny brand:

Food mediocre, company great!
The food I ordered wasnt the tastiest, but the Ceasar Salad looked great. Should have taken that instead of what I had (some cheesy fish with chips). Gah, I had decided to be more healthy and yet I go for the cheesy alternative :P

The company was great though, had a great time there and made some new friends! ;)

Sherlock Holmes was fantastic!
I think this is one of the greatest movies I've seen in a very long while. When I first saw the trailer I expected it to be crap, but now when I've seen it. Oh my god, it was truly really good.

I recommend anyone to see this movie. Robert Downey Junior was unbelievably great. As Richard and I said, it was not Robert Downey Jr you saw, it was Sherlock Holmes.

Lussekatt - Todays theme!
Today I, Andra, Michael, Nadia, Fredrik and Kim-Kim will bake Lussekatter, which is like Lusse Cats in english, but you wont know what that is probably, so I'll just let you see the results in tomorrows blog post!


  1. Yea...about Lussekatt...there will be not much baking going on from my side but alot of eating.

  2. I never expected anything different ;)


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