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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunday brunch + Monday adventures!

Summary: On sunday we at brunch at Fredrik & Kim-Kim's place, then I helped Simeon to move a table and got my poker table. Then we played a homegame which I won. On monday I experienced a very weird trip to the bank and after that we got our finger prints done for the pool area (which we molested) and signed up for the gym. We finished the monday off by going to Pussers Landing.

Sunday - I kick your ass any day!
Woke up around 11 and got prepared for the brunch at Fredrik & Kim-Kim's place (preparing = watching TV or something) and then carried Kai over there, as he was too tired. They made some unbelievable chicken and sausage dish which was really tasty! These two really know's how to cook.

Later I had to run to the border and go through customs with Simeon as my poker table had to be taxed for. Then as a return favor for bringing me my table, I helped Simeon with his table up to his new apartment (he's my neighbor now!).

We finished off the day with some poker on my new poker table and I totally kicked everyone's (Kai, Fredrik & Kim-Kim) ass! Kim-Kim is such a donkey ;)

On Monday I had to go to the bank to set up a standing order for the rent. Turns out that on my way there, the bus was unable to go any faster than 5km/h because of some "object" infront of the bus. A guy on a bike had decided to go in the lightest gear infront of the bus the whole day. It looked hilarious, but was annoying as it was on my lunch break. The guy just didnt get it.

When I got there I had to wait... again. When I was done and went to the bus I had to freaking run back to the bank as I realised I forgot my jacket there. My god, that's why I now have stopped wearing jackets lol... or kind of.

Later Fredrik, Kai, Kim-Kim and I went to the security office in Ocean Village to register our fingerprints so that we would have access to the pool area and various other places... I suppose. Turned out that we got their one hour early, so we decided to check out the pool area and later the gym. We checked the water temperature and saw that the Jacuzzi actually is heated, so we will go there later this week. YEAH!

Finished off the day by going to Pussers Landing with a bunch of people we ran into. It was fun, had a great time and a perfect end of the day!

Tuesday - I need to shop shop!
Long story short... I NEED FOOD!

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