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Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy birthday dear Simeon! (Annika was drunk)

Sorry for posting this so late, I had too much to do.

Annika forgot to eat dinner and got really drunk on one drink "Joakim, the room is spinning!". Anyway, the day at work was really good and had a really fun AND strange monday meeting today. They egg clock -joked me because I talk to much, funny :P because I do talk alot.

Simeon - what a nice little party!
Happy birthday you British little fellah'. I really enjoyed your birtday party and really hope you did too. I had fun with everyone there and once again I had a really interesting discussion with Michael. Also, Nadia told me of the bird song story and Andra once again told the sad story about the bird and stuff. Priya was really funny tonight, and I actually managed to catch her off guard with a birthday whistle thing.

By the way, I'm coming to Sweden!
First of all, Ölf and Kerstin is coming to visit us from the 23rd to the 26th of december. Then we go with them back to Sweden and celebrate new years eve in Sweden.

The plane tickets are booked. If you want to meet me during this time I think you will have to come to my parents place, because I will use this trip to first of all spend time with my family.

I am currently moving in to Kais place
... which is why I have been so busy the last few days. This post was to be posted 2 days ago, so sorry about that. As soon as I get internet at the new place the posting will continue every day.

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