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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First gym day in Gibraltar - There's Jacuzzi!

I know lots of you hate me for writing things like this, but I love to tease you guys back home in Sweden where it actually SNOWS in some places :P

Atlantic Health Club... right?
I've forgotten the name, but I think this was it. Anyway, they had EXACTLY THE SAME GEAR as Friskis och Svettis in Sweden, my last gym! It wasn't that hard to learn the machines and stuff in other words. Couldn't help myself from laughing when I thought for myself that I have went from the South end of Europe and there's still the same gym gear for me to use :P

I and Petter did some serious training, or he kind of pushed me to the limit where my arms didn't really followed my commands anymore. A bit embarrasing but what the heck ;) We did some boxing in the end as well, it was quite fun, even though my original hits where quite lame because of the reason I just expained, with the arms and stuff.

I will definetly come back to this gym, but first I'm gonna check out the other one with Nadia, my helping help fairy at work :)

They got Jacuzzi and a Swimming Pool!
Also, they have a jacuzzi inside for members to use at any time as well as a swimming pool outside that borders to the ocean. Very nice indeed. Will have to try it out the next time! I will try to take some pics as well, but it will be hard as you might figure.

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