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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leisures in Gibraltar, I tried the cinema!

Today Nadia, Andra and Kasia invited me and my Annika to go with them to the cinema, watching Julie and Julia, a movie about cooking and blogging. It was good, but you got REALLY hungry from watching it. I kind of manically ate all my popcorn the first few minutes.

Btw, don't say BIIIIRD to Andra, she will get sad because of a torturus old romanian tale about an emo bird.

Bowling, Ice Skating and Cinema, all in one place!
There's maybe more stuff there as well, but it's nice and cheap and about what there is in Gibraltar, when it comes to these three things.

Bowling costs only about £4 for an hour, thats like LESS than half of what it costs in Sweden I think. Ice Skating I don't know what it costs, but it's as close to Sweden I can come, so this will be where I will meditate and celebrate x-mas.

My arms are sore and stress was the feeling of the day
Yeah yeah Nadia I will quit moaning... after this blog post :P

After gymming with the elite Petter two days ago, I can hardly lift or bend my arms. It hurts almost like when I broke my arm, so it must mean I will get lots of muscles now... I hope.

I had SO MUCH to do at THE SAME TIME today at work. I did like seven things at once and I didn't even take my 1 hour break, and yes I ate while I worked. I hate it when things arent sorted out and structured. I will fix it whatever the cost, or else I can't relax when I get home. Once this is sorted out, I can ironicly get a more structured work day and be more relaxed, while having everything under control.

My English speech is getting better!
I know, my writing sucks sometimes as well, but I really can spell correctly, it's just that sometimes I don't really put down the energy to it... like now.

After being here... two weeks now(?) my english speech is getting much better. The first person at the office that I spoke to when I came here for interview... god now I forgot her name and shes always so nice to me :( gah nevermind. Anyway she really heard how much I sucked, I could hardly get anything proper out of my mouth, except for... air.

Today I got complimented about my speach, and some days ago as well. By two ducks. First Anke, the funny german girl and today by Annika, my own little duck. =).

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