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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 1 at work!

Ah, the first day of work at is now over and I'm mentally exhausted from all the information that I got during the day.

Petter and Henrik - Nice to meet you!
Today I met two of the people that I will be working very closely with in the near future. Petter is my team leader and Henrik is my college for the Swedish Community Management. Both of them were very nice and I look forward to work with them a lot. Henrik is staying at my place tomorrow, so he don't have to skip all the drinks and go home early because of him living 1 hour from here.

I have also located a good gym right next to the building I'm living in right now. Also, I got my own desk now and my own laptop. I'm going to try to get some legal personal applications installed, but I have to clear this with Petter first.

I will get back to you tomorrow with pictures from the Casino and the welcome party / goodbye party for the old Swedish CM. See you then!

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