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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going to the Casino on thursday?

Thursdays seems to be a really nice day for fish (amateurs) like me to go to the casino. They have a $5 buy in with a free rebuy. It starts at 21:00 and is for new players mainly. Next week I will go but this Thursday I promised my Annika to take her for dinner and I will!

Sorry Simeon, your picture will come!
Ever since Simeon was a kid he wanted to be on my blog. Now I will grant his wish (actually tomorrow) and publish a blog post entirely about him as well as adding his photo on the previous blog post. =)

This is it! - Next week anyone?
I, Nadia, Anke, Annika (hopefully Andra and Henrik as well) will go to see This is it, hopefully next week. If they still want to. I'm wondering, who else want to join? Robyar (Robert) says he hasn't been at the cinema since the 90's. I'm going to make Nadia force him, and she's really talented with getting what she want ;)

The internet here is expensive!
for 2 months I have to pay £80+ for 1mbit internet. In Sweden you get like over 100mbit for that! It's crazy I tell you. Here it's like Sweden 5-10 years ago. Oh my god. Guess what: IM NOT PAYING THAT MUCH! I'm going to look for another provider and see if there's a cheaper one than Gibtelecom.


  1. 80 quid? riiight! If you find a cheaper provider, please tell me.

  2. Well, Sweden is an exceptional country regarding cheap and fast internet.

    But 80 pounds is retarded outrageous, even for Dutch standards :P

    Maybe ADSL?

  3. Well, they don't tell you about all the extra costs on Gibtelecom, especially if you only want internet for 2 months. They add a lot.

  4. hmmz, that's rubbish!

    what about cell phone subscriptions... any info on that? (and do they have 3G? )

  5. You must manage this in some way so that I can keep contact with our Annika /mamma

  6. I will check out the other place as well to see what they have to offer. Apparently their network is cheaper but more unstable, as it's based from a station up the rock (bad weather = bad reception).

    Cell phone things I heard they got, but with a restricted amount of data traffic per month. You will have to pay to be able to surf more than that amount. Like Sweden 6 years ago.


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