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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finding a new apartment...

Today me and Annika went out looking for a new place, as we only can live in the companys apartment until the end of the month.

We have looked at Kai's place and as it looks now I think it's the best choice. Kai is really nice and all so I don't think it will be any problems. Although I would like a bigger couch in the living room as well as another bed and a desk for me to work on. Some more chairs for the poker table as well and maybe some paintings on the wall and it will be perfect ;)

We talked to a aparatment agency woman down in ocean village. I think we're gonna go check some places out just to see how they look. I'm very curious.

Your food sucks! Deal with it!
No I didn't actually say that, but I actually went to the restaurant me and Anke (the German duck from India) ate at yesteday when Annika was out shopping with crazy Nadia and her friends. Anyway I told them their food was bad and that not only was my chicken raw, Anke didn't feel very well after her fish & chips. DONT EAT AT hmm... SOMETHING CAFÈ...?

I hope no one else got sick. Anyway here's some pictures I took today when I was out walking with Annika (the last one is taken from our apartment window):


  1. The German duck from India?!
    Great how you describe me...:P

    Was great that you went to the restaurant again, really cool...don't know anybody who would have done it*thumbsup

    C u at work!

  2. Yep thats you alright!

    Yeah, I'm really keen about those kinds of stuff. I like to do what I feel is right! =)

    Yeah see you at work, quack, right? ;)

  3. Hi Joakim,

    let me know how the hunt for an apartment works out for you and how much everything is. I've started following your blog since last week. I'm currently in the early stages of applying for a job in Gibraltar as well, so I could use any information possible.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Hi Tom!

    Nice to see that you like my blog :)

    Just follow my blog and I'll make sure you wont miss a thing! I'll try to include as many good stuff as possible. If you go a little bit back in my blog archive, you can track the whole process from me applying 'til I got the job and on to this day.

    Do you got a blog that I can follow? I'm curious how it will go for you. Wish you luck mate!

  5. Thanks a lot!

    I do have a blog yes, but it's only in Dutch currently. I'm planning to do one in English about my process, but like I said, I'm still in the early stages.

    I just sent my CV and letter of motivation. I want to wait the reaction on that before I proceed (after all, it might be for nothing).

    I'm very curious how it work with taxes on your salary. My biggest problem is that I own a house here and selling at this moment is not an option for me. So I do need to do some calculations before deciding this will work.

    I read somewhere that as a foreign employee, you pay 10.000 GBP taxes, whatever your income is? So (if that's right anyway), you can just extract that 10.000 of your salary and then you know how much you will earn (and divide by 12 to see how much you will see on your bank statements ;)? )

    Hope to hear from you (if you don't want to talk about that stuff on your blog, and you want to email me, jofeljoh (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Tom!

    I could completely understand that, and that's why I'm going to give you the perfect tool for tax calculation!

    I look forward following your English blog later! Send me a link as soon as it is up!

  7. Thanks for that excel sheet! You have any idea what I need to fill in the "allowances" cell? Or is only the right column of "gross income based system" relevant for me?

    And of course, I'll post a link with my first experiences if everything will be in motion. (I'm basically applying for the same position as you, for the Dutch community :) ). Fingers crossed!

  8. You're welcome!

    You don't have to fill in the allowance field if you don't have any allowances which you probably don't.

    Gross system is prob. the best one for you with the kind of salary you get here.

    Ah you are? Great! I will look forward reading and commenting, so if you seem lost I will try to help you out. Btw, if you get here for the face to face interview, lets meet up!

  9. The tax system seems to be in favor of me compared to the Dutch system then :)

    I've already written about the last week and the progress, if things get in motion (Sam forwarded my cv and letter to Pokerstrategy), I'll put them online and let you know.

    If it comes to a face to face interview, I'll certainly contact you to meet up! Maybe give me a tour or something ;)

    Oh well, first let's wait and see what Pokerstrategy thinks of all this lol.

  10. Ah, you have Sam as a recruiter as well? Isn't he just great? :) Really nice and funny guy.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you mate!

  11. Thanks! Phase 1 complete, next one: telephone interview with PS! :) (any tips what to expect exactly?)

  12. You will probably talk to Loreley, a very nice woman in our HR department. You will expect some questions about the position and your salary demand.

    I miss understood the whole salary thing and asked waay to much, so you should maybe talk to Sam about that before the telephone interview.

    I'm sure you will do fine. Just be honest, yourself and I'm sure you will do fine.

    Good luck!

  13. That's a good tip thanks! Don't want to scare them with crazy demands lol ;). Sam already gave me some numbers, and I think those are just fine - I'll stick with those and it should be fine.

  14. Yeah, Sam is really good at those stuff :)


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