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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another poker tour at the office today!

Unfortunately no pictures this time :(.

After a hard day of work, restructuring the forum on the Swedish site, we sat down in a room at the office and played a game of texas hold'em together. It was me, Annika, Anke, Kai, Simeon and his two friends.

It was a lot of fun, even though neither me or Simeon got any good cards this time EITHER! Although I actually won some pots in the beginning, but then I fell when Simeons friend got Full House when I had A-top flush. Unbelievable. Also my strong two pair was beaten by a hand I have chosen not to remember.

Btw, I kind of hired my friend Sara today :) I hope she will like it working for me!

What happens tomorrow?
Tomorrow Annika will go and shop with the girls (Nadia and her pack of wolves). I will probably meet up with Anke and figure out something to do and later on the afternoon we will try to look at room of an apartment at Kai's place. It all depends on when the girls are done shopping.

Btw, two of my friends got a Face-to-Face interview for in November. I'll keep all my fingers crossed for them!


  1. No it's not. Annika and me can't work at the same company due to a policy that many companies have: no girlfriends/boyfriends.


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